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A: New patient visits typically take between 1- 2 hours. This includes time with physician, nurses and checking out.

Initial follow ups are typically 30 to 45 minutes long depending on the severity and complexity of your health concerns and the depth of questions and information you have. If you would like a longer follow up, please notify our staff and they would be happy to adjust per your preference.

A: Yes, we are well versed in hormone replacement therapy and we treat both males and females.

A: Although, Dr. Passini does not treat Lyme disease she does see patients with Lyme disease. Patients with Lyme disease often benefit from nutritional IVs and IVs that support their immune system.

A: There are no oncologists employed by Biogenesis Medical & Wellness Center and we do not treat cancer. However, we offer several treatments to help strengthen the body’s immune system. We also offer nutritional IVs and IV vitamin C.

A: We do not take insurance, but will provide you with an itemized bill containing detailed medical codes, which you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. We would be considered an out of network provider.  If you have Medicare or Medicaid you will NOT be able to submit our services for reimbursement.

A: Yes, Dr. Passini does more extensive thyroid testing including free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies.

A: Yes, Dr. Passini is well versed in thyroid treatment including medications that contain both T3 and T4.

A: Yes, we offer chelation therapy to remove heavy metals and chelation therapy to help diabetic patients and patients with heart disease.

A:  We do not provide primary care services for children such as well child checks or sick visits.  However, we see children for specific health problems such as eczema, food sensitivities, and gut imbalances.

A: Yes, Biogenesis Medical & Wellness Center offers several different therapies for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

A: Yes, we commonly treat patients with gut imbalances including candidiasis,  SIBO, dysbiosis, and IBS.

A: Because we do not treat urgent and emergent health situations and due to our limited availability we recommend that all our patients have a primary care physician and other medical specialists if needed.