Welcome to Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Centers

We are committed to helping you find wellness and improve your quality of life. We spend time with our patients listening to their health and wellness concerns. We combine traditional medical therapies with additional state-of-the-art alternative testing and treatments to give patients the best of what medicine has to offer. Our integrative approach helps patients find the underlying cause of their illnesses.

We investigate what things are missing from someone’s body and need to be replaced and what toxins are present that need to be removed. Individual customized treatment protocols are then developed utilizing  what we believe are the finest quality nutritional supplements to aid in the healing process.

We at Biogenesis Medical and Wellness Centers believe that one of the problems with traditional medicine today is that it focuses on diseases and does not focus on preventing disease or reversing diseases once  they occurred. We take a different approach. Our approach includes educating patients and empowering them to take charge of their life and their future health.